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A pleasant customer experience

In today’s challenged economic environment, I find that many market leading brands fall short of the experience that built their brand in the first place, and I must confess I take the opportunity to write to Chief Executives and tell them. As a global marketer trained at some of the best marketing organisations, nothing frustrates me more than seeing leadings brands prioritise short-term delivery at the expense of long-term brand health.

This time however, I am writing to commend your organisation. I recently broke down in France with my car. The speed, professionalism and courtesy with which your breakdown teams handled my mini crisis, was nothing short of first rate. No quibble, no argument, no messing around. They handled the breakdown transportation vehicle directly at the motorway side. They moved my car to the ferry port and when repatriation was not possible, moved it straight to a secure location. They got me home, and had a car hire waiting in Dover. And finally they have brought my busted vehicle back to the UK when I declined the outrageous French garage repair costs (in France it was €1,500, here in the UK today it has cost £340). All of this has happened in eight days. Impressive.

My message is this, and I have repeated this many times in the last week to people I have talked with, the RAC European breakdown cover was nothing short of first rate. That is the kind of service that you hope you will get, and are delighted when you get it. And as a marketer I commend it, it would be too easy to shortcut little costs here and there in the experience I have had – but these would risk undermining the rescue service you have provided.

I am delighted to be finally able to write to a Chief Executive and say thank you.

Mr Carter

A breakdown in France

I just wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for the outstanding service I received recently on my trip to Montpellier where my car broke down approximately 5 minutes into my journey at Calais.

When your car stops working at 9pm on a Sunday night in France where you don't speak the language and nothing is open it is a frightening thing and I have to say, my fears were allayed by Alex in the department I spoke to who was absolutely first class from the initial call.  I have to say, of all of your agents I spoke to he filled me with the most confidence and I have to say, I'm unaware of his status, whether or not he is Senior or experienced but I will struggle to feel more reassured by anyone on the end of a telephone line when requiring assistance - he was brilliant.

The level of service, whether it was just run of the mill depending on the type of cover I have, felt like I was royalty!  Being put up in a hotel and being taxied that evening was great but also being transported to Paris to meet my connection in good time by taxi and train was fantastic - and then being given a hire car at Paris for the return leg to Calais and you covering the cost of keeping the garage open at Calais late at night to allow me to pick it up was way beyond what I could have expected.

Your group, and particular praise for Alex and latterly, Alistair, ensured that my partner and I were safe throughout and were kept informed constantly, and the solutions to our fairly difficult journey challenges were far beyond fantastic.

I will remain a customer of the RAC and furthermore I will be informing the many people I am in contact with that your organisation is easily the best I have been a member of and that they should join immediately.

Please ensure those acknowledged in this communication are informed of my complete gratitude and much as I hope I don't encounter any similar situations in the future, I will feel content that if I do you will be there to support in a manner which will be outstanding.

Mr Wyness

A quick fix

I am a retired officer from the West Midlands Force. I have RAC breakdown cover organized through your company.

I have just returned from a three week holiday in France.  Whilst there my car developed a mechanical problem, the engine warning light came on.

Events were as follows:-

On the Sunday I rang the RAC, french section and spoke to Lola. Within 30 minutes a recovery vehicle was in attendance.  My vehicle was taken away.

I was told that I was entitled to a rental vehicle, but as it was Sunday all rental stations were closed. She advised that we wait until Monday to progress this and ascertain the problem with my car.

On Monday she rang again.  The car had to be taken to another town as the local Ford garage was closed.  A taxi then collected us from our campsite and within an hour we had a rental car.

We were then contacted daily, sometimes on several occasions and kept informed of the situation with our vehicle.

On the following Friday we received a call to say that our vehicle had been repaired and was ready for collection.  We returned the rental car and were meet at the rental station by a taxi and taken to the garage where we picked up our vehicle. 

Fortunately the problem was not serious and I settled the bill for the repair direct with the garage.

From both my wife and myself can we say how happy we were with this service and a special thank you to Lola and Selina in France who gave great service.

Please ensure this thanks goes to the RAC.  I have there address in France and will write direct to them.

Kind regards

Mr & Mrs Butler


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