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Euro Breakdown Cover Key Facts

Policy Summary

This is a summary of cover under RAC European Breakdown Cover and is important information that You should read.  It does not contain the full terms and conditions. Full terms and conditions are explained in RAC European Breakdown Cover.

Types of insurances and cover

This Policy covers You in the event of mechanical Breakdown of a vehicle, whilst You are using the Insured Vehicle in countries covered by Your chosen level of cover.

The Policy also covers You for certain motoring related legal expenses that You may incur as a result of an incident in those countries.

Your chosen level of cover is shown on Your Certificate of Cover.

The Insurer

RAC European Breakdown Cover is underwritten by RAC Insurance Limited and provided by RAC Motoring Services.

Motoring Legal Expenses insurance is underwritten by RAC Insurance Limited and re-insured through Les Assurés Réunis (LAR) of Bruseels.

Table of Services - Significant Features and Benefits

  Basic ** Basic ** Comprehensive Comprehensive
Benefits Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 1 Zone 2

Roadside and Recovery in the Territory

x x up to £300 up to £300

Temporary car replacement on way to port

x x £40 per day* up to £1,200 £40 per day* up to £1,500

Roadside Assistance in Europe

up to £300 up to £300 up to £300 up to £300

Spare parts despatch in Europe

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Additional accommodation expenses

x x £40 per day up to £400 £40 per day up to £400

Journey contribution

x x £40 per day up to £1,200 £40 per day up to £1,500

Replacement driver

x x Yes Yes

Vehicle repatriation to the Terriroty

Market value (£250 excess) Market value (£250 excess) Market value Market value

Passenger repatriation to the Territory

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Collection of vehicle left abroad for repair

x x up to £500 up to £500

Motoring Legal Expenses Insurance

up to £50,000 up to £50,000 up to £50,000 up to £50,000

** Basic cover is only available for single trip policies of less than 5 days duration.

Please note: benefits denoted with an asterisk* are included within Journey continuation. Figures in the table above are maximum benefits payable under this Policy. Additional cover is available in some areas on payment of an additional premium.
Zone 1 covers You against vehicle mechanical Breakdown in the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Ireland (plus Northern Ireland for residents of Great Britain travelling from the mainland), San Marino, Spain, Sweeden, Switzerland and offshore irelands of above.

Zone 2 covers You against vehicle mechanical Breakdown in the following countries: all Zone 1 countries and Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russian mainland (west of Urals), Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakian Republic, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine

Significant and unusual exlcusions or limitations

Temporary car replacement on way to port
This benefit does not cover:

  • fuel and oil costs, personal insurance or any other extra costs
  • breakdown within quarter of a mile from Your Home

It is only valid once the Journey starts and up to a maximum of 48 hours prior to any ferry/tunnel crossing.

Roadside assistance (in the UK and abroad)
This benefit does not cover:

  • cost of attendance or repair if the Insured Vehicle was involved in an Accident, damaged by fire or stolen
  • the cost of any parts used for repairs

Spare parts despatch (in Europe)
This benefit does not cover:

  • the cost of parts themselves

Additional accommodation expenses

  • is limited to £40 per person per day for the room only
  • does not cover the costs of meals or any other extra costs

Journey continuation

  • not available at the same time as Additional accommodation cover
  • limited to £40 per day
  • does not cover the cost of a replacement driver, should a pre-existing medical condition prevent You from driving the Insurer Vehicle
  • will not be paid if there is another qualified driver in The Party who is fit to drive
  • does not cover fuel, oil, personal insurance, any collection charge if a hire car is left at a different location to that arranged or any other costs

Vehicle repatriation to the Territory

  • will not be available if the market value is less than the cost of repatriating the Insured Vehicle.
  • will not cover the cost of repatriation if Your Insured Vehicle is roadworthy; or the first £250 of any claim made.

Passenger repatriation

Passenger repatriation does not cover transportation costs for any personal effects or luggage.

Collection of vehicle left abroad for repair benefit

  • covers up to £40 per night for single room hotel accommodation necessary to complete the round trip - limited to room only
  • will not cover the costs for more than one person, or taxi costs, unless agreed in advance by the RAC Control Centre

Motoring Legal Expenses Insurance
The benefit does not cover:

  • claims for Uninsured Losses of a value of £250 or less
  • claims arising from prosecutions made against You alleging dishonesty or violence, or arising from drink or drug related offences, parking offences, illegal or fraudulent acts