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Study warns of shunt accidents

03 Jun 2014 at 13:59

The number of shunts has kept rising despite developments in road safety technology in the form of more powerful brakes, a study reveals.

The accidents, involving one vehicle colliding with the rear end of another vehicle, have increased by 7% since 2011, said the survey by Accident Exchange.

One possible explanation is that drivers are facing a growing number of distractions in the form of MP3 players or mobile phones, said Accident Exchange's sales development director Liz Fisher.

She said that although there are more advanced vehicles, greater connectivity may also mean greater distractions for motorists.

It costs £2,000 on average to repair the damage caused in any one accident, and most shunts happen when cars are moving at low speeds in urban zones. T hese constitute more than one third of accidents on the roads, it is believed.

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