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Police hit with 408 traffic fines

21 Jan 2014 at 09:50

Police in Birmingham have been hit with over 400 traffic fines for misuse of the city's bus lanes.

Following a controversial crackdown by Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police revealed that its drivers had been caught 408 times by traffic cameras, driving in bus lanes in the city centre.

The council recently put up new signs on existing bus lanes in Moor Street Queensway, Priory Queensway and St. Martin's Queensway banning all vehicles except buses from using them.

Following the scheme's launch in September, a reported 60,000 motorists were hit with fines by the end of 2013. The council defended the controversial scheme saying it was necessary as too many people were flaunting traffic rules.

Each fine costs a driver £30 and doubles to £60 if it is not paid within 14 days.

Police drivers have racked up more than £24,000 in fines according to West Midlands Police.

However, a quarter of fines have already been overturned as officers were on an emergency call at the time.

A spokesman for the force said that outstanding fines will be examined "to determine if they were responding to an emergency or on an operational manoeuvre."

"If that proves to be the case, it would also make them exempt from a penalty notice," he added.

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