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More people wary of road cycling

07 Jul 2014 at 12:28

The number of people who think it's dangerous to cycle on the roads has risen compared to last year.

Some 61% of people polled by the Department for Transport said it was too dangerous to cycle on the roads - up from 59% last year.

The new survey shows nearly half (48%) of cyclists and just over two-thirds (67%) of non-cyclists think cycling on roads is too dangerous. T he study covered 3,244 people.

Younger people aged 18 to 24 had the least safety fears - with 47% thinking it too dangerous to cycle on roads.

But the Government study showed the 65-plus age group was concerned the most, with just over three-quarters (76%) saying roads were too dangerous for cycling.

Other findings included a 6% rise from last year in those who reckon traffic congestion in cities and towns was a problem, from 39% to 45%.

The number of people who thought congestion on motorways was a problem is up from 23% to 28%.

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