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The RAC is a founder and sponsor of the FairFuelUK campaign, which launched in 2011, and is calling for a fairer system of taxing motorists. So far we have succeeded in persuading the Government to scrap six planned duty increases, saving motorists over 13p a litre on fuel – that’s a saving over £6.5bn per year.

We have consistently highlighted the impact of high fuel prices on drivers and their social lives and persuaded the Government to recognise that by sensibly controlling fuel duty, it can be a growth stimulus for business and the economy, not just a ‘cash cow’ for the Treasury.  We are calling for transparency – we want all fuel receipts to show the duty as well as the VAT, so motorists can see that 60% of the price is tax.

FairFuelUK objectives:

  • Stop any fuel duty rises in this parliament
  • Go even further and fight to cut fuel duty for the benefit of economic growth and what the whole nation wants
  • Convince the Government to recognise that by sensibly controlling fuel duty, it is a growth stimulus for the economy, not just a Treasury cash-cow
  • Bring UK petrol and diesel to European Parity in terms of fuel pricing and taxation
  • Set up a mechanism that is the fairest way to price petrol and diesel for business, the economy and hard pressed motorists
  • Actively support the inquiries into fuel pricing transparency and oil price speculation.

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