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Car games

14 Oct 2009 at 22:20

Going on a journey? Trust the driving people to bring you a selection of the best children's car games to keep all the family happy.

Listening to music in the car is all very well, but nothing beats a traditional driving game for all the family.

We've chosen our top 10 car games, choose from:

  • Car games to go: no printing needed
  • Print and go car games

1. Straight face car game

Want to guarantee a giggle fit? Answer any question you're asked on your family car journey with a silly phrase like 'big brown pants', '3 fat fish' or 'my smelly socks'. See how long you can keep a straight face. Just leave grandad's teeth out of it.

2. The fame game: on the road

For your 5 minutes of fame, choose a well-known person (past or present, fictional or real). How about a singer, sports hero or character from a book? Everyone in the car has to ask you questions to guess who you are. Little ones can play too - they can choose animals or cartoon characters.

3. Car pool

To win you need to spot 7 cars of the same colour followed by a black car. It's a great driving game. Watch out though: if another player spots a white car while you're playing, you hand over to them. Play in teams to increase your chances. Top tip: choose an easy colour like red or blue.

4. Back-seat bingo

An ideal car game for all ages. Everyone gets a bingo sheet with pictures of things you might see on your car journey. First one to spot them all wins. It's so much fun everyone will want a go - except the driver!
Download back-seat bingo sheets

5. Puppet roadshow

Banish the in-car bickering and inspire a love-in. There's hope in the form of this creative and free kids' car game. Pass round these cut-out hand puppets at the start of the trip. The kids have until the next rest stop to come up with a story. Together. The end.

Download the puppet cut-outs

6. Car snooker

A simple car game to stop boredom creeping in. How many colours can you spot before your time runs out? Spot as many coloured cars as you can - but in the right order. Bring along this handy list for those that don't know the snooker sequence off by heart.
Download the car snooker list

7. Car alphabet challenge

If you're going on a long car journey, you'll need a car game for kids that takes ages to finish. Pick a theme - 'We went to the zoo and saw a…' or 'I once met a girl called…' Each child choose a word that begins with a letter of the alphabet and the next person repeats what's been said before adding their own. Trust us, this free car game takes forever.
Download the car alphabet game

8. Animal, vegetable or mineral?

It's a chemistry lesson disguised as a car game for kids. Think of an object that's an animal, vegetable or mineral (try a mouse, a cabbage or a marble). Each person asks you questions to help them guess your object. We reckon dad might manage this one.
Download the animal, vegetable or mineral game

9. Make-a-map game

Keep the kids busy on car journeys with this creative travel game. Print a map of the trip and take some crayons. Ask the children to draw their own directions, adding in scenery along the way. You could even bring along some stick glue and cut-outs of familiar roadside objects such as trees and animals.
Plan your route with RAC route planner

10. In-car brain training

Boost their memory and concentration while they’re having fun. Someone holds a game sheet for 30 seconds while the others try to memorise everything on it. Now turn the sheet over and see if they can remember what’s there. A simple, fun and, most importantly, free car game for kids.

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